Anthony Layng Solicitor (Tony) was admitted as a solicitor in Easter 1987.

For very many years Tony was a full equity partner in a medium-size law firm in Dublin during which Tony covered a broad range of commercial legal services.

Tony has almost 30 years of professional experience in a broad range of commercial legal matters, including Employment Law, Commercial Litigation including Alternative Dispute Resolution, Regulatory matters (including non-life insurance and financial services regulation), Judicial Review, Public Procurement, Competition Law and a wide variety of matters and projects in the energy sector, specifically alternative energy.

Tony has extensive experience of drafting, reviewing, negotiating employment contracts, agency, franchise and distribution agreements, intellectual property and ICT contracts, and in credit insurance and related commercial areas.

He has handled Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employees in the transfer of business undertakings).

In the course of providing legal services to a wide range of commercial entities in different sectors including the nonlife insurance sector, motor distribution, government departments, semi-state companies and occasionally to officeholders in the public sector Tony has developed a broad range of commercial law expertise. Some of the skill sets obtained in one area can also be applied to other areas.

Applying very many years of experience and having had the benefit of exposure to a considerable number of commercial clients over the years, Tony has developed various problem-solving techniques. He sees the lawyer’s role as incidental to and supportive of the client’s commercial objectives and needs.

Having worked with very many other commercial and public service clients over the years and other services providers, Tony is adaptable and practical. He enjoys getting to know the clients business and understanding their commercial objectives. Tony particularly enjoys being a member of tight knit teams working on projects involving technical challenges and tight deadlines.

Conscious of the need to enhance professional knowledge and the continuous need for relevant upskilling, Tony has recently completed the Law Society of Ireland Post Qualification Diploma in Insurance Law.